Report on PJE Foundation’s Activities 2015

The charity, in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, continues to support students studying at the University.

This year, the charity has continued to be involved in the development of LDS Mentors. The organisation has started to bring experienced professionals into contact with young people at the start of their professional and educational development.

PJE made a charitable donation to UNICEF for work being conducted in relieving the Ebola crisis.

About the Author

Jane Elvidge

Jane has been happily married for thirty years and is the mother of four children. After graduating in 1985 she worked as a Geophysicist in the oil industry. After this, she worked on a part-time basis while raising her family. Fourteen of these years were spent working with her husband, Paul, as a joint owner/director of a successful SME in the healthcare sector. She has also worked as a secondary school support teacher of science and maths and is currently working as a maths tutor. She has been a volunteer for the Prince's Trust.