PJE Forms Partnership with The University of Hertfordshire

During this, the charity’s second year, it has successfully continued to secure business sponsorship from the European Nursing Agency Ltd despite the poor economic outlook. The charity has established a clear and transparent application system for making grants to young adults to assist with an education that will improve their work prospects and aid in them being independent and net contributors to society.\r\n

  • A website www.pje.org.uk has been set up that allows for online applications for grants.
  • The charity, in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, has set up a scholarship in perpetuity that will help mature students study courses that will improve their work prospects. The scholarship’s first student, studying at the business school, was given a grant for the 2010/11 academic year.
  • The charity made payments to two charities for humanitarian aid during the year. £1,500 to Care International for their disaster relief work in the Pakistan floods and £360 to Home-Start St Albans which went towards their 10th-anniversary celebrations and to help in their support for young parents and children.

[Report for 2010-11]

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