About Paul & Jane

Jane & Paul Elvidge, founders of the PJE Foundation, appreciate that comes from education and how it impacts careers.

Jane completed her first degree in 1986 in Geophysics and went on to work as a Geophysicist in energy exploration projects in several countries and as an Environmental Consultant in the UK. Paul was a management trainee in the construction industry and later studied for a Diploma in Management Studies at Hertfordshire University. He went on to be Managing Director of four companies in the UK and France and is now a self-employed business consultant, executive coach.

” The purpose of the foundation is to award grants to individuals who need assistance to make their goals a reality”, Jane said. “Whilst further education in the UK might be aimed at the masses, there are still individuals who are held back from training in their chosen profession due to their circumstances.”

Paul & Jane went on to study together at Warwick University completing their MBAs in 2008.

About the Author

Paul Elvidge

Paul has been happily married for 30 years and he and Jane have four children. Paul is an executive coach and mentor to leaders and managers. He has worked in diverse industries, from Healthcare (private and NHS), Education (private and state), Enterprise Services, Banking, Franchising and SMEs. Paul is a self-motivated entrepreneur and executive coach with extensive business/leadership experience. He has proven business, organisational and people skills and a track record in establishing and running SMEs in healthcare, franchising and consulting.